Net Zero Homes

Are you ready to build a new home in or around the GTA? Building a zero energy home can help you save money on your energy bills and make your home more environmentally friendly. Whether you want to build a new zero energy home or completely remodel your home to zero energy standards, Ocean Home Services can help you make your dream a reality! We are a certified zero energy home builder in the Greater Toronto Area and surrounding areas.

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What Are Net Zero Homes

Do you want to live a more sustainable lifestyle? A Net Zero home is perfect for you! Net Zero homes produce as much clean energy as they use, which means they are 80% more energy efficient than a typical new home. Plus, they use renewable energy systems to produce the rest of the energy you need, saving you money and resources. Plus, all parts of the home work together to ensure a consistent temperature throughout, prevent drafts, and filter indoor air to reduce dust and allergens. It’s the ultimate in comfort and sustainability—a house that’s on the cutting edge of innovation.

With a Net Zero home, your electric bill is lower than a standard home and stays lower month after month, saving you thousands of dollars per year. This can translate into even more savings in the future as energy costs rise.

Net Zero homes are built to higher standards than conventional homes. They are more energy efficient, more durable, and better insulated to withstand Canada’s harsh winters and hot, humid summers.

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Benefits of a Net Zero Home

Building a net zero home is one of the most eco-friendly things you can do for your family. It can lower your energy costs, improve your health, and even save you money on your monthly mortgage.

Comfortable Home – A net zero home is an airtight structure, and high levels of insulation mean even temperature fluctuations, little drafts, and reduced outside noise, which is ideal if you live in a bustling city like Toronto.
Cost Savings – Building a net zero home can significantly reduce your energy costs and save you a ton of money month after month, year after year.
Added Value – By building your net zero home into the future, you’re building a home that will retain its value longer than a conventionally built home.
Healthy Lifestyle – A net zero home helps your family maintain a healthier living environment by allowing fresh air to circulate clean, filtered air throughout the home and significantly reducing allergens and pollutants.


Are Net Zero Homes Worth The Investment?

Not only is a zero energy home a reality for anyone who wants to build a custom home, it’s also an affordable, effective way to save money and reduce your carbon footprint. Net zero homes cost an average of 4-8% more than traditional custom homes (RMI study), but the higher initial investment will pay off in the form of energy savings and energy savings in the years after purchasing the home. Ontario has paid off mortgage insurance discount rates for net zero homes.

Net zero homes are also future-proof, meeting and exceeding current home energy efficiency standards, helping to preserve the value of your home when you sell it. The bottom line: the longer you live in your home, the higher your return on investment for a net zero home. Reduce your carbon footprint, save money, win-win!

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